How to Indent Text in Excel [Step-by-Step]

How To Indent A Text in Excel

Let’s learn to indent text in Excel. Unadjusted or non-indented texts can be embarrassing and make your reports look unsightly despite your data being highly authoritative and useful.

Learning how to indent or wrap a text is important if you want to submit presentable reports.

Steps to Indent text in Excel

Here is an example of a non-indented list in Excel-

Non-Indented List
Non-Indented List

This list looks a bit unsightly and sometimes reduces readability when you’re working a large dataset.

You can simple adjust indent for flower names.

  1. Select cells with flower names (exclude headings).
  2. Go to the Home tab, under the alignment section, click the Increase Indent option to shift your text to the right slightly.

Here’s how your list looks like now-

Indented List
Indented List

The list looks organized and presentable to look at than before.

Shortcut keys to Indent a text

The keyboard shortcut to increase indent are –

  • Windows – ALT+H+6
  • Mac – +M

The keyboard shortcut to decrease indent are –

  • Windows – ALT+H+5
  • Mac – ⌘+Shift+M

Steps to wrap a text in Excel

First, let us look at how an unwrapped text looks like and how it can make your data look unpleasant. Here is an illustration-

Unwrapped Text
Unwrapped Text

You can clearly see how the content in each cell is being overlapped by the content in the adjacent cells.

In this scenario, you need to wrap your text.

  1. Select all cells with overlapped texts.
  2. Go to Home tab, under the alignment section, click Wrap Text.
  3. Apply Middle Align alignment to the selected cells.

Your text will look like this in the table-

Wrapped Text
Wrapped Text

Now, all the text is visible legibly and is no more overlapping each other. You can set align options to your comfort.


It is important to make your data presentable for a viewer to make it look authoritative and useful. Minute settings that help make your data look cleaner and pleasing are important to learn and implement. If you have any further questions on this topic, make sure to drop a comment!