About Us

Hi, this is Pankaj.

I have used MS Excel for over 15 years. It’s a very powerful software. The possibilities are endless when it comes to MS Excel.

Some of the typical usage are for mathematical calculations, graphs, charts, and to pull data from some services such as Google Finance.

QuickExcel is the place where I share my learnings and tips to work faster with Excel. If I could help you in saving some time and performing a task in a better way, it would make my day.

I started QuickExcel because I forget all the nitty gritty parts of Excel. Yes, even after working with it for so long, I forget how to do specific tasks with it. So, it’s also my logbook where I can quickly look for specific cases and tips that I have learned throughout my professional life.

If you like my work or some specific tutorial, please share it with others too. And you can always reach out to me personally at contact@quickexcel.com