[Step-by-Step] How To Spell Check in Excel?

spell check in

It is never easy to get rid of spelling and grammatical mistakes in any kind of literary work. You are very likely to make spelling mistakes due to a lack of attention or knowledge.  

In Microsoft Excel, you can fix all spelling errors by conducting a spell check on your worksheet. This is a simple guide to conducting a spell check in Excel. 

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Steps to conduct a spell check in Excel 

To conduct a spell check in Excel, we first take a sample database with a few spelling errors in it-  

Database with Spelling Errors Spell Check in Excel
Database with Spelling Errors

Let’s begin spell check in Excel –

  • Select the database for spell check. 
  • Go to Review tab. 
  • Under Proofing select Spelling. 

A new window opens showing spell check results, like this –

Spell Check Results
Spell Check Results
  • Select the correct spelling you’re looking for and click Change
  • You can also select the type of English you prefer for spell checks under Dictionary Language at the bottom.  
English Options
English Options

All spelling errors in the sheet have now been fixed. Here is how your database looks like- 

Corrected Spellings
Corrected Spellings


This was all about conducting a spell check for your datasets to achieve clarity and correctness in your analysis. If you have any doubts regarding checking spelling errors in Excel, drop a comment below and get answered!