How to Insert MS Excel Table into MS Word?

Inserting MS Excel into MS Word

One can’t be at truce by knowing only the tricks that are needed to find one’s way around within MS Excel alone. Being the go-to spreadsheet of the era, at times, MS Excel would be needing to heed the requests of its fellow officemates (pun intended!).

One such request shall arise from the requirement to attach MS Excel to an MS Word document. As strange as it seems, this is not a remote possibility & is very common in the corporate world. This article details the sequence of steps involved in inserting an MS Excel file within an MS Word document.

There might be a couple of ways to do that,

  1. Through the Insert Tab
  2. The Hotkey Approach

Method 1 – Through the Insert Tab

In this method, the word document within which the excel file needs to be inserted is opened. Now the user has got to navigate all the way to the Insert tab whose position is indicated below.

Locating the Insert Tab
Locating the Insert Tab

Once done, the next step is to find the Object option available within that tab as shown in the below image.

Locating Object Option
Locating Object within Insert Tab

Click on the Object as shown in the above image and the following dialog box appears.

Object Pop up
Object Pop-up Appears

The choice is ours now! Whether we are going to insert a brand new file or pull one from the repository is up to us now. But it is always wise to create a file, store it in a repository & embed it. So, in this example, we are going to do just that.

Upon choosing the Create from File tab, the following pop-up appears.

Create from File
Create from File Tab of the Pop-up

Leave a checkmark over the Display as icon option & an icon would appear just below.

Checking in Change Icon
Ticking the Display as Icon Checkbox

Now click on the Browse button to select the MS Excel file that needs to be attached. A file explorer to select the desired file would pop up.

File Explorer Pop up
File Explorer Pop-up

Navigate to the location where the file is located & click open. Following this, click on the OK button as shown in the below image.

File Selected
Desired File Selected!

The selected file would be inserted within the MS Word document as shown below.

File Inserted
MS Excel File Inserted

The same approach can also be used to insert not only MS Excel but other file formats as well as long as they are available in the supported files list of MS Word.

Method 2 – The Hotkey Approach

In this method, the part where we initially search & select the Object option would only vary while all the other steps starting with the pop-up’s involvement would be similar to that of the previous method.

Those who are fond of using the hotkeys in MS Excel can make use of them in MS Word too. Hit the ALT key & see the magic unfold!

Hotkeys Appearing over Tabs
Hotkeys Appearing over Tabs

The letters which appear alongside each tab tell us to press a particular letter key to get into a particular tab. In this case, we are looking for inserting an MS Excel file, so we would be needing to go to the Insert tab. So, we hit the letter key ‘N’ & the following appears.

Hotkeys within Insert Tab
Hotkeys within Insert Tab

Hit the letter key ‘J’ for the Object option & the pop-up would appear. Follow the same steps as in the previous method from hereon to get the file inserted.


Hope this article was informative. Do have a look at this article, to know how to insert multiple rows in MS Excel. Nevertheless, QuickExcel has numerous other articles, which would be of great help to you when it comes to understanding the nuances of working with MS Excel. Cheers!