Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular software across computer users. It’s used by everyone and we can store different types of data in Excel spreadsheets.

The power of excel is unleashed when we use its formulas, graphing tools, pivot tables, and macros using Visual Basic.


Here at QuickExcel, we provide tips and tricks to use Excel with ease and become an advanced user.

How to Find Quartiles in Excel?

Let’s learn how we can find quartiles in Excel. A quartile is a statistical term that is used to describe the division of a dataset into four equal intervals. Each quartile has 25% of the total number of data points in a dataset. The four equal intervals are divided by three points namely – lower …

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How to Alphabetize in Excel?

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to alphabetize in Excel. Alphabetizing in Excel means sorting a column or a list in alphabetical order. This alphabetical order can either be from A-Z or from Z-A. Contrary to the meaning, the alphabetize method is also used for alphabetizing numerical data. Also read: The Ultimate Guide to Sorting …

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