How to Delete Multiple Rows in MS Excel?

Deleting Multiple Rows in MS

Data can be handed over to us from any medium & so it is not necessary that all the entries available in the dataset are necessary for analysis. In some cases, there may be some erroneous entries that have come as a part of the bulk data. What if there are a set of rows without which the data provided is better off for analysing? In this article, we will be tackling one such situation in which we will TERMINATE all those defunct entries out of the spreadsheet.

Following is the sample data which we would be using for this exercise.

Sample Data
Sample Data with Erroneous Entries!

On closely observing the above data, it becomes evident that all the rows contain dates from the year 2018, except for rows 21-26 which fall under 2017!

Erroneous Data
Dates from 2017

So, the plot has revealed itself & going forward this article would be directed towards deleting these entries using each of the below methods.

  • The Conventional Right Click
  • The Hotkey Technique
  • The Keyboard Shortcut

Method 1 – The Conventional Right Click:

One shall get things started by selecting the rows from 21 to 26 whose purge shall sanitise the data as shown below.

Selecting Rows
Selecting the Erroneous Rows

These rows can be selected by left-clicking on row number 21 & dragging the cursor downwards till it reaches row 26. Once done, on any spot between the selected rows 21 -26, ‘right click’ using the mouse & a menu shall appear!

Right click Menu
Right Click Menu Appears!

Click on the Delete option in the menu & the selected rows get deleted instantly.

Rows get deleted
Data after Deleting Selected Rows

Method 2 – The Hotkey Technique:

The very first step remains the same as that of the previous method in which the rows to be deleted are selected.

Selecting Rows 1
Selecting the Erroneous Rows

It is from this point, that the sequence of events changes course & now one shall press the ALT key, following which there would be visible changes in the screen where letters appear alongside each tab.

Hotkeys Appears
Hotkeys Appears!

From the above image, it can also be seen that the Delete option is available within the Home tab. So, hit that letter key ‘H’ & the following appears.

Locating Delete Option
Locating Delete Option

Following the hotkeys, one now needs to press the letter key ‘D’ & then ‘R’.

Delete Sheet Rows Option
Selecting Delete Sheet Rows Option

Once done, the selected rows shall be deleted & the successive entries would be replaced in their position as shown below.

Rows get deleted 1
Data after Selected Rows are Deleted

Method 3 – The Keyboard Shortcut:

The first step of selecting the rows to be deleted remains the same here too & after that things work real quick here.


The above is the shortcut that is used for deleting cells in MS Excel & the same can also be deployed here for deleting the selected rows. The important thing to note here is that the keys are to be pressed in the same sequence as mentioned above & one after the other.

Pressing both keys simultaneously won’t get the job done! The MINUS (-) key is to be pressed only after the CTRL key is long pressed & held that way. The moment one hits the MINUS (-) key, the selected rows shall be deleted & replaced by their succeeding entries.

Rows get deleted 2
Deleted Rows replaced by Succeeding Entries


Now we have reached the end of this article covering the steps to delete multiple rows in MS Excel. QuickExcel has numerous other articles too that can come in handy for those who are in a quest to do something new with MS Excel. Here’s one which elaborates on how to lock columns in MS Excel. Cheers!