[Step-by-Step] How to Wrap Text in Excel?

wrap text in

You need to wrap text in Excel to better handle non-numerical data in tabular databases. Wrapping text allows you to display more information in the limited screen space. The wrap text tool is a perfect alternative to these options while handling extra-long text in Excel.

Wrap text in Excel using the Home Tab

First, let us look at how an unwrapped text looks like with the help of an illustration below-

Unwrapped Text Example
Unwrapped Text Example

You can see that most of the text content in each cell is being overlapped and discarded by the contents in the adjacent cells.

In this case, we need to wrap text, here’s how-

  • Select all cells with texts you want to wrap.
  • Go to Home tab, under the alignment group, select Wrap Text.
  • Apply Middle Align to the selected cells (optional).

Your text should look like this-

Wrapped Text
Wrapped Text

Wrap text using the Alignment Settings

You can also find the Wrap Text option under Alignment Settings here-

Alignment Settings Button
Alignment Settings Button
  • Select the small icon below Merge and Center to open Alignment Settings.
  • Under the Alignment tab, check Wrap Text.
  • Hit OK to apply.
Wrap Text in Alignment Settings
Wrap Text in Alignment Settings

You can see that all of the text is visible legibly and is no more being overlapped or discarded by each other.

You can adjust the alignment options to your comfort, we have selected the Middle Align option which usually suits wrapped texts in Excel.

You can also slightly adjust the column sizes above to avoid words from breaking.


This was all about wrapping extra-long texts in Excel. Drop a comment if you have any doubts regarding the wrap text tool in Excel and we will surely get back with an answer to you!